Aamiz Sazan Aria Co.
AAMIZ SAZAN ARIA is a family owned marketing house which has been established since 2010 in Iran specialized in supplying the followings:



Our specialty in our business is driven from years of brilliant experiences which remain always as a guiding light for us towards our goal. So, considering all aspects of marketing and commercial trading in Iran, we have determinedly committed ourselves to go through the clients’ needs and bring about their requirements in the most appropriate condition in order to convince them to purchase right items from right sources with best price and quality possible.
At the present, Iran is a potential market for suppliers from all over the world and there is a good opportunity for those involved. In this regard, we also help our principals to comply with the rules and regulations existing in Iran trade to expand their interactions with more customers.
If you are the one willing to supply your products in Iran, we are here to help you.

Strategic goals:
  • On time delivery
  • Continues commercial services
  • Products variation
  • Providing from the main suppliers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Business development pioneer
  • Consultation
  • World quality
  • Competence and reasonability
  • Consumer orientation
  • Exclusive representation