The new ACG Pharma Technologies Coater with a fully perforated drum offers a high level of efficiency, handling and process security along with amazing cost savings. Based on the internationally successful technology, this machine from ACG Pharma Technologies not only offers challenging technological solutions, but is also an innovative design.
It is a true auto-coater in all respects. Charge the product, close the machine and open it only when the process is over. Fully automatic process, untouched by hand and absolutely no operator intervention required. This machine is suitable for sugar coating as well. There are seven sizes to choose from, from 40 kg to 600 kg.
Lab: The ACG Pharma Technologies Multi Pan Coating technology is designed for research and development to pilot scale applications in the same machine, thus making scale up easy. This coater is suitable for film and sugar coating of tablets. Special design sintered drums are available for pellet coating applications.
Multiple drums are available to choose from, from 2 liters, 9 liters, and 24 liters to 56 liters. This allows you to handle small quantities of 750 gms to pilot scale of 30 kg, inside the same machine.




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