Reliability, speed, performance and flexibility; these are the attributes associated with capsule fillers manufactured by ACG Pam. ACG Pam offers you both solid and liquid encapsulation technologies. Our automatic, semi-automatic and manual capsule-filling machines are capable of filling a wide range of capsules from size 000 to size 5. The output range varies from 6,000 to 150,000 capsules an hour. Each is available with productivity enhancing features that allow them to be handled by a single operator. For liquid filled capsules, band-sealing machines also are available to help you comply with regulations for OTC products.

ACG brings its capsule manufacturing experience and expertise in formulation handling to bear in the design and set up of our machines. Our machines offer the highest level of integration between capsules and filling machines and the lowest capsule rejection rate in the industry. They also feature a unique filtration system ensuring significantly lower fugitive dust, a feature that creates a healthier environment for your operators and potentially saves you thousands of dollars in product loss.



The domains of our specialty encompass the Manufacturing of: