Tobacco flavours:
The tobacco industry is a strong user of flavourings to improve the smoking characteristics of tobacco. Fruit extracts, licorice and cocoa are very traditional examples. In particular the development towards lighter products with reduced deliveries creates a demand for more sophisticated solutions.
Curt Georgi offers a complete service package including professional, free-of-charge consulting on all aspects of tobacco product manufacture. Our consultants are prepared to discuss all flavouring problems with you on a very confidential basis. They are speaking ‘your language.

Product range
We offer a full range of different kinds of casings and flavours used on various tobacco components:
• Burley casing
• Flue cured casing
• Stem casing
• Virginia casing
• Top flavours
• Full blend casing (for Blended, Virginia, Kretek cigarettes)
• Irritation improvers
Ready-to-use or concentrated.
We are also specialized in flavours for:
• Water pipe tobacco
• Pipe tobacco
• Cigars
• Snuff and chewing tobacco

Advantages of Curt Georgi tobacco flavours
• Create a unique profile and pack aroma
• Improve and enhance the natural tobacco taste
• Compensate the negatives like dryness, irritation, emptiness and flatness related with modern reduced delivery products
• Help to ensure the continuity of taste in the final product
• Help to maintain the same sensory quality through the long period of production
• Help to compensate differences between crops
• Offer the pleasant smell and taste the consumer requires
• Act as a cost reducer