Fragrances :

Fragrances are part of our modern life. More than 130 years of experience and knowledge are the basics for the realization of creative ideas and innovations for our customers. Our know-how in the world of perfumes and the excellent qualification of our creative ‘noses’ and technicians help anticipating and understanding the market trends and ideas of our customers.
Curt Georgi produces fragrances in accordance with all safety regulations and industry standards. We are member of DVRH (Association of German Fragrance Manufacturers) and through this linked with EFFA (European Flavour and Fragrance Association), IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).

Product range
We offer fragrance compositions for:
• Body and hair care
• Household products
• Detergents
• Technical applications (carwash liquid etc.)
• Air freshener, and many more ...
Advantages of Curt Georgi fragrances
• Custom-made perfume creations and matches according to clients’ desires
• Excellent price-performance ratio
• More than 130 years of know-how in the fragrance industry
• Formulas and pretests available