Nature creates flavours, from the subtlety of a ripe and sweet strawberry to the delicacy of a fine roasted coffee. We reflect nature in our high-performance specialty flavours - daily, global, sensitive and with consistent quality. We provide complete flavour systems putting you in position to follow novelties in the confectionery, bakery and dairy markets. All our flavours are produced according to the quality standards of the German and EU Food Legislation. Above that we also supply flavours that comply with the national requirements of specific countries like USA or Japan. CURT GEORGI is member of the DVAI (German Flavour Association) and through this linked with EFFA (European Flavour and Fragrance Association) and IOFI (International Flavour Association). Furthermore we are member of the German Candy School (ZDS Solingen).

Product range
We offer liquid, powder and spray-dried flavours for:
• Confectionery
• Dairy / Ice cream
• Bakery
• Soft drinks
• (Alcoholic) beverages / Liquors
• Coffee / Tea
• Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Geocaps flavours (encapsulated, spray-dried flavours) are best for dry mix food products like:
• Instant products
• Effervescent and compressed tablets
• Baking premix
• Custard powders and desserts
• Powder mix for beverages
• Ice-cream mix
• Biscuits and cookies
• Coffee powder
• Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Advantages of Geocaps flavours:
• Protected against oxidation
• Heat resistant and very stable, even after long periods of storage
• Water-soluble, not oil-soluble, that means at the moment of use (in a watery solution, for example in contact with salvia) the crust dissolves and the pure flavour is released with a full flavour burst
• High impact in your application

Advantages of Curt Georgi flavours
• Excellent match of mother nature"s best.
• Our flavours are always individually produced on customer demand, fast and flexible – this guarantees you highest product quality at all times.
• Best price-performance ratio, based on low overhead costs.
• Responsive service, including product formulas, free of charge consulting and taste paneling.

Additional service
Our newly designed application technology department is ready to supply you with great taste in a variety of lab samples (hard boiled candy, compressed tablets, starch moulded jellies, (coated) chewing and bubble gum and many more). We are able to develop new product and taste concepts and reproduce all kinds of market highlights in different applications - according to your target.
Our lab equipment for confectionery development includes:
• Compressing Line Fette
• Aerating System Ter Braak
• Pulling Machine D&F
• Coating drum
• Equipment for jelly and chewing gum production, and lots more...