We are specialized in Iran’s Food & Cosmetics Market as the exclusive representative of Curt Georgi which is one of Europe’s most traditional flavour & fragrance houses founded in 1875, Leipzig, Germany. Like our company, Curt Georgi is still family owned & offers its customers more than 130years of experience conveyed into producing excellent flavour & fragrance compositions.
The domains of our specialty encompass the production of:


We offer liquid, powder and spray-dried flavours for all kinds of applications.

Tobacco flavours
Curt Georgi provides a full range of different casings and flavours used on various tobacco components.

Our portfolio comprises fragrance compositions for body &hair care, household products, detergents, air freshener and....



What makes us different and put us apart from other companies are our long family tradition and reputable background as well as our company spirit. We work on a very professional but also a personal and intimate basis with our customers. We are authentic, reliable and flexible in all terms of business. Keeping pace with growth of an already increasing demand for various customer services, our purpose as one of our core values is not only to present product quality to our customers but also we would be a reliable and confidential partner along with the whole development and production processes of the product line. Therefore, we present our experience and innovation in questions concerning product application as well as consulting in all aspects of industrial production.